Is tanzanite a good investment

What color tanzanite is most valuable?


How much is tanzanite worth today?

For richly colored AAA Tanzanite, 1ct is approximately worth $300-$425 per carat. 2ct sizes reach $450-$650 per carat. 3 carats and up will reach $650-$750 per carat. The changes taking place in Tanzania makes tanzanite a very good investment stone.

Is Tanzanite more expensive than diamonds?

Described as ‘a geological phenomenon’, tanzanite is 1,000 times more rare than diamonds. Tanzanite jewellery is extremely valuable and coveted, both for the gem’s rarity, as well as its beauty.

Why is tanzanite so cheap?

The other blocks are occupied and exploited by an assortment of medium and small, independent, and artisanal miners. With little in the way of capital investments or even general overhead, these miners are able to flood the market with cheap gemstones and depress the overall price for tanzanite.

Will tanzanite go up in value?

With the demand increasing and the supply decreasing, the value of tanzanite is expected to increase exponentially in the upcoming years. … But many investors believe that the stone’s real value lies in the potential for the gem to reach colossal prices once it has been mined out.

How can you tell quality of tanzanite?

It has an attractive vitreous luster and is often of high clarity. Eye visible inclusions can decrease the value of the Tanzanite. The best quality tanzanite is “clean” and free of visible inclusions of any kind that can be viewed only by a jewelers loupe.

What is a 1 carat tanzanite worth?

CHART SHOWING TANZANITE PER CARAT PRICES IN 2020CARAT WEIGHTInvestment Grade Finest 1% MinedAAA Grade0.00 – 1.99 carats$600 – $700$425-$4802.00 – 2.99 carats$750 – $1350$500 – $5503.00 to 9.99 carats$780 – $1380$550 – $57510 carats plus$800 – $1500$580 – $590

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Can you wear Tanzanite everyday?

Tanzanite is not a gem that should break easily but it can scratch more easily than harder coloured gems like Ruby and Sapphire. Due to Tanzanite’s relative softness, it should be treated with respect. … When worn, pendants are much more protected than rings, so Tanzanites are fine to wear every day as a pendent.

What is the best tanzanite to buy?

A high-quality tanzanite stone should be deep blue/dark violet. Stones that have a light color are considered low quality. Even if you like them, make sure you don’t pay top dollar for them (at least not as much as what the deep blue stones are sold for).

What is the rarest birthstone?

Diamond (April) is the rarest birthstone in a total of six states, while topaz (November) is the rarest birthstone in Montana, Wyoming, and Rhode Island.

What is the rarest gem on earth?


What is the rarest ore on Earth?

The Rarest Minerals on Earth: The Highlights

  • Tanzanite. Named after Tanzania, Tanzanite is a stunning blue mineral of the zoisite family. …
  • Larimar. …
  • Alexandrite. …
  • Benitoite. …
  • Painite. …
  • Red Beryl. …
  • Poudretteite.

Why is tanzanite cheaper than diamond?

Tanzanite is far more rare than Diamond and has just recently been mined. Because the price of Diamonds are controlled, you will normally pay much more for a Diamond then a Tanzanite, even though the rarity is not there.

Will tanzanite run out?

Tanzanite is a relatively “new” gem when compared other precious stones such as diamonds. … Experts believe that within the next 10 to 12 years, the supply of tanzanite will decrease, and eventually, Tanzania’s supply of tanzanite will run out, and the magnificent gem will become depleted.

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