La housing and community investment department


What is the Los Angeles Housing and Community Investment Department?

The Los Angeles Housing and Community Investment Department works to create viable urban communities by advocating for safe and livable neighborhoods through the promotion, development and preservation of decent, safe, affordable housing and by expanding economic opportunities and public services, principally for low- …

What does Hcidla stand for?

Los Angeles Housing + Community Investment Department

Who qualifies for the Angeleno card?

Households may be eligible regardless of whether workers within them earn or earned W2 or 1099 income; are or were otherwise independently employed (as domestic workers, day laborers, or street vendors, for example); or are or were seasonal workers in agriculture or tourism who are not working or who have experienced a …

How can I apply for the Angeleno card?

How To Apply for Assistance? First, visit or and complete the Angeleno Card online application.

What is rent control in LA?

Rent control, or rent stabilization, is a collection of laws that restrict the rents a landlord can charge and limits the reasons for eviction. The two work together, so that the landlord doesn’t get around a rent limit by evicting the tenant, instead, or vice versa.

What is an Angeleno?

: a native or resident of Los Angeles, California To an Easterner, the central visual expression of Los Angeles may be the beaches, or the bungalow sprawl, or Hollywood, or smog; to an Angeleno, the dominant visual experience is the freeway.—

Is RSO the same as rent control?

Instead, LA has the Rent Stabilization Ordinance (RSO).

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Rent stabilization means that there are city-determined limits on how much your rent can increase while you are renting.

What is the Angeleno card?

The Angeleno Card is a free prepaid debit card for poor residents who have lost at least half their income due to the COVID-19 crisis. Initially the fund had a goal of distributing $10 million. To date, it has raised roughly $20 million, and fundraising efforts are ongoing.14 мая 2020 г.

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