Antigua citizenship by investment


How can I get citizenship in Antigua?

Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Qualifications

  1. Be of outstanding character.
  2. Hold no criminal record.
  3. Have excellent health.
  4. Have a high personal net worth.
  5. Reside with the family members who are included in the application in the country for a minimum of 5 days within a period of five years.

How do I get an Antigua and Barbuda passport?

Antigua and Barbuda Passports are issued to Citizens of Antigua and Barbuda in accordance with the Immigration and Passport Act, 2014. All passport applicants are to submit Proof of Citizenship to a Passport Officer. Each applicant is required to visit the Passport Office to submit an application.

How much do I need to invest to get British citizenship?

It requires an investment of at least £2,000,000 in either British corporate bonds, share capital or loan capital in active and trading UK-registered companies. This is one o the fastest and most secure ways to obtain UK residency. You can be approved in as little as 10 weeks!

How much does it cost to invest in Cyprus for citizenship?

The applicant must make an investment of at least EUR 2 million in the purchase of, creation of, or participation in businesses or companies that are based and operating in the republic. These businesses or companies should have a demonstrable and tangible presence in Cyprus and employ at least nine Cypriot citizens.

Are mosquitoes bad in Antigua?

There were a lot of concerns about chikungunya, a mosquito borne virus which has been reported in Antigua. The type of mosquito that carries the virus is active during the daytime, so protection and insect repellents should be used all the time, rather than just at dawn and dusk.

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Is it expensive to live in Antigua?

The cost of living in this country is, on average, 20% lower than in most countries in Northern America and Europe. For instance, a monthly rent for a multi-room apartment is around $2,500 in the expensive area, around $2,100 in the usual areas, while the rent for smaller apartments is almost twice as cheap.

What documents do I need to travel to Antigua?

Passports and visa: U.S. citizens must have a U.S. passport that is valid for 180 days following your departure date. No visa is required if you have an onward or return ticket, confirmation of accommodation, and can produce evidence of your ability to maintain yourself. Passport cards are not accepted.

What famous people live in Antigua?

People who own homes in Antigua

  • Oprah Winfrey, American television/entertainment icon and entrepreneur, owns a home near Jumby Bay.
  • Eric Clapton, established an Antiguan drug treatment centre; has a home in the south of the island.
  • Giorgio Armani, Italian fashion designer, owns a home near Galley Bay.

Is Antigua tax free?

Antigua and Barbuda is the only country in the Caribbean where one can become a tax resident. The country tax resident is exempt from dividend tax, inheritance tax and wealth tax.

Can I buy citizenship in UK?

First of all any would-be investor wanting to acquire British citizenship needs to have a fairly healthy bank balance. Applicants for a Tier 1 Investor visa must be able to show that they have at least £2 million of their own funds under their control and free to invest in the UK.

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Does buying a house in UK gives you residency?

Anyone can buy a property in the UK. … If you do not have the right of permanent residence in the UK you may use the property as a holiday residence. You can stay there for as long as your passport (usually 90 days) or holiday visa permits. You must then leave the country until your next visit.

Which countries give citizenship by investment?

While residence is granted to investors and wealthy individuals in most countries, there are currently only seven countries which offer citizenship-by-investment programs that provide a direct route to citizenship based on investment and which have passed Henley & Partners’ country due diligence: Austria, Antigua and …

How can I invest in Portugal citizenship?

Unfortunately, there is no program in Portugal that would allow to immediately obtain citizenship for investment in the economy. However, there is a program forregistration of the “golden visa” – an investor’s residence permit. Its participants have the opportunity to receive an EU passport after 5 years.

What country is the easiest to get citizenship?

Here are five of the easiest countries to gain citizenship.

  1. Mexico. The largest amount of American emigrants are living in Mexico. …
  2. Canada. How well you know Canada is important to your citizenship application. …
  3. Ireland. Irish heritage goes a long way for acquiring citizenship. …
  4. Paraguay. …
  5. Israel.

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