Physical Gold | Five Factors You Must Own Physical Gold

Physical GoldAs the government continues to print money, the acquiring power of each dollar reduces. With each passing day, the value of a dollar drops. Remember what you could buy with a dollar 10 or twenty years earlier? Today, it’s still called a dollar, but it will buy you a lot less. Luckily, the acquiring power of an ounce of gold does not reduce, because no-one can “print” gold. You can buy gold or silver purchase purchasing shares in mining companies, or you can obtain gold certificates. There are five good factors to own physical gold, either in the form of coins or gold bars.

Initially, gold holds it’s worth. Inflation minimizes the acquiring power of a dollar each year, but the acquiring authority of gold does not reduce over the long term. Two century ago an ounce of gold would purchase you an excellent quality male’s fit. The very same holds true today.

Second, physical metal is not affected by particular company news. Your gold company might strike a lousy stretch, however, physical gold is immune to the ups and downs of the business world.

Third, physical gold is highly liquid, meaning you can use it anywhere. Even if there is a run on the bank, the gold you have in your ownership can be used to purchase what you need. Even much better, if you were to leave the nation, your gold coins would be accepted anywhere.

Fourth, gold coins and bars look great! That might not be the most crucial reason for owning physical gold; however, if you need to hold something, it must look great. Gold won’t rust or fade or wear out, so it will still look great permanently.

Lastly and crucial, physical gold is insurance coverage against uncertain times. Gold has been accepted as currency for thousands of years and most likely will be for the next thousand. Even if the dollar and the economy collapses, gold will still be accepted as a type of currency. You will be able to take your gold coins and exchange them for what you need. You don’t need to worry about bank failures, or derivatives direct exposure, or company insolvency. Physical gold is the very best insurance coverage possible against economic collapse.

The acquiring power of an ounce of gold does not lessen, because no-one can “print” gold.

Third, physical gold is extremely liquid, meaning you can utilize it anywhere. That might not be the most important reason for owning physical gold, but if you must hold something, it ought to look great. Physical gold is the best insurance possible versus financial collapse.