Kobe bryant investment fund

What is Kobe Bryant invested in?

Bryant Stibel has invested in companies like Dell, Alibaba and Epic Games, the maker of Fortnight. He also invested in Bodyarmor, a sports drink maker in which Coke later bought a stake to compete against Gatorade. And he founded Granity Studios, a media company.

How much is Bryant stibel worth?

About a third of the 19 active companies in the Bryant Stibel portfolio is worth more than $1 billion. Overall, Bryant Stibel has invested in 28 companies, with three – Dell, Alibaba and National Vision – having gone public.

How much money did Kobe Bryant give away?

Bryant had global appeal and in June 2009, he established the Kobe Bryant China Fund to raise money for education, sports and culture programs for children from both China and the U.S. More than $6.15 million has been raised for those efforts.

Does Kobe Bryant own body Armour?

It was founded in 2011 by Lance Collins, founder of Fuze Beverage and NOS Energy Drink, and Mike Repole, co-founder of Energy Brands, vitaminwater, and Smartwater. In March 2013, Kobe Bryant purchased a large stake in the company, joining the Board of Directors and becoming the third largest shareholder.

Is Kobe Bryant a billionaire?

Bryant built his first fortune on the back of two decades of rich playing contracts and endorsement deals. His path to becoming a billionaire was going to be paved in the investment world, and his first big score, BodyArmor, represented roughly one-third of his net worth.

Who else was on board helicopter with Kobe Bryant?

John Altobelli, 56; Keri Altobelli, 46; Alyssa Altobelli,13. John Altobelli and his wife, Keri, were on board the helicopter with their daughter Alyssa, who played on the same club team as Gianna Bryant. Altobelli was the longest-tenured baseball coach in Orange Coast College history.

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How many houses did Kobe Bryant own?

It’s not surprising for wealthy athletes to own impressive homes in different hot spots around the world, but Bryant’s three houses were all located in Newport Beach, Calif., which Business Insider points out was “a lengthy drive from his former place of work at the Staples Center.”

What kind of car does Kobe Bryant Drive?

Videos and photos of some of the cars in his collection are available online and they showed Kobe’s great taste in cars. The cars include the Lamborghini Murcielago, Ferrari 458 Italia, and 1967 Pontiac Parisienne Convertible. The Lamborghini Murcielago is one of the most well-known Lambos ever built.

Who gets Kobes money?

Kobe Bryant’s Wife Vanessa Receives Huge Inheritance from Business Deal. Kobe Bryant was reportedly worth $600 million at the time of his death, thanks to his business investments and 20-year NBA career. According to BodyArmor founder Mike Repole, Kobe’s widow Vanessa has inherited control over his stake of the company …22 мая 2020 г.

Where did Vanessa Bryant grow up?

Huntington Beach

What does Mamba mean Kobe?

“To sum up what mamba mentality is, it means to be able to constantly try to be the best version of yourself,” added Bryant, who did just that during his 20 seasons with the Los Angeles Lakers. “That is what the mentality is. It’s a constant quest to try to better today than you were yesterday.”

What is Kobe Bryant’s wife worth?

Vanessa Bryant’s net worth is $600 million, based on her husband’s wealth at the time of his death. Kobe was one of the wealthiest athletes in the world, and his endorsements including those with Nike, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Mercedes-Benz and Hublot added to that wealth.

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What drink did Kobe make?


How much did Kobe Bryant’s wife inherit?

Vanessa Bryant To Inherit Late Husband Kobe Bryant’s $200 Million BodyArmor Share.27 мая 2020 г.

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