Guggenheim partners investment management


What are Guggenheim Partners?

Guggenheim Partners is a global investment and advisory firm with more than $280 billion* in assets under management and a track record of delivering results through innovative solutions. Our commitment is to advance the strategic interests of our clients and to deliver long-term results with excellence and integrity.

Who founded Guggenheim Partners?

Марк УолтерDominic CurcioPeter Lawson-Johnston IIJ. Todd Morley

Is Guggenheim Partners a hedge fund?

Guggenheim’s hedge fund managed account platform enables its clients, including some of the world’s largest hedge fund investors, to make better-informed allocation decisions and to mitigate the risks associated with direct hedge fund investing.

Who is the CEO of Guggenheim?

Марк Уолтер (2000 г.–)

Who is Guggenheim Partners owned by?

Guggenheim PartnersTypeLimited liability companyProductsInvestment banking Capital markets Investment management Merchant banking Wealth management Insurance Exchange-traded funds Unit investment trustsServicesDiversified financial servicesAUM$270 billionOwnerPrivateЕщё 9 строк

How many employees does Guggenheim have?


Who owns Guggenheim Life and Annuity?

Guggenheim Partners

When was Guggenheim Partners founded?


How did Guggenheim make his money?

Meyer Guggenheim, who built the family’s fortune after emigrating to America from Switzerland in 1848. Meyer Guggenheim amassed his wealth in mining and smelting. … With $30 million of family money, he helped found Guggenheim Partners, a boutique financial company modeled on the Wall Street partnerships of old.

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