Uniform investment adviser law examination


How hard is it to pass the Series 65 exam?

But the bottom line is that the Series 65 exam isn’t really much harder than other common industry licensing exams, like the Series 6 or the state Life and Health license. Most will take 2-4 weeks to study, spending about 20-30 hours, and pass the exam with its required 72% passing grade.

Do you need to be sponsored to take the Series 65?

Eligibility. You do not need to be employed by or sponsored by a FINRA member firm in order to register and take the series 65 exam. … Both can be done electronically on FINRA’s website. This exam is one of the more basic exams and does not require any other prerequisites to be eligible.9 мая 2019 г.

Does a Series 63 and 65 equal a 66?

5 The Series 66 is equivalent to taking both the Series 63 and Series 65. If an individual does not already have a Series 7 and wishes to be an IAR, the Series 65 is NASAA’s competency exam.

How much does the Series 66 exam cost?

The exam fees are: $135 for the Series 63; $175 for the Series 65; and $165 for the Series 66.

What is the hardest series exam?

The Series 7 exam is by far the longest and most difficult of all the securities exams. It lasts for 225 minutes and covers all aspects of stock and bond quotes and trading; put and call options; spreads and straddles; ethics; margin, and other account holder requirements; and other pertinent regulations.

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What happens if you fail Series 65?

What happens if I fail the Series 65 examination? … If the Series 65 examination is failed again, the individual must wait another 30 days before taking the Series 65 test. After failing the Series 65 exam a third time, an individual must wait up to 180 days before scheduling the Series 65 examination again.

What can I sell with a Series 65?

It’s important to note that having a Series 65 license allows a financial professional to give investment advice. It does not license them to sell packages investment products or to buy and sell securities. To do that, you must get your Series 6 and Series 7 licenses.

Can I get a Series 7 license without a sponsor?

In order to qualify to take the Series 7 exam, you need to be sponsored by a member firm, a self-regulatory organization (SRO), or an exchange associated with FINRA. This means that until you are employed in a position that would require the Series 7 exam for daily tasks, you cannot even sit for the Series 7 test.

Is Series 7 or 66 Harder?

While the hardest questions from the Series 66 overlaps with the Series 63’s hardest questions, the Series 66 contains even more content that makes it a challenge. There is a lot of content that overlaps with the Series 7, for instance.

Which is harder the Series 65 or 66?

While the series 65 is a larger test the passing score is only 72%. Additionally, many candidates find the material tested on the series 65 exam to be a bit more interesting and straight forward than some of the topics tested on the series 66 exam.21 мая 2019 г.

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What does a Series 65 allow you to do?

The Series 65 license, known as the Uniform Investment Adviser Law Examination, qualifies individuals to provide investing and general financial advice to clients. Passing the Series 65 exam qualifies individuals as Investment Advisor Representatives (IARs).

What does a Series 66 allow you to do?

The Series 66 is an exam and license that is meant to qualify individuals as investment advisor representatives or securities agents. The Series 66, also known as the Uniform Combined State Law Examination, covers topics relevant to providing investment advice and effecting securities transactions for clients.

How long is Series 7 GOOD FOR?

two years

Should I take Series 7 or 66 first?

Should I take the series 7 or 66 exam first? While you may take either exam first, we strongly recommend that you start with this Series 7 Exam. The Series 7 Exam is a much bigger test and will require significantly more study time.

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